24 Frog Assortment


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Current Varieties in this 24 Pack:

13 Assorted Tinctorius

8 Assorted Auratus

3 Leucomelas (Banded, Bandit and Standard)

This 24 pack ships with $59 flat rate shipping (customers in CA, OR, & WA can use the coupon code: westcoast to save $10). 

Note: Shipping will be scheduled for the week after next.

For wholesale packs size 24 & up, we require the package to be held at a FedEx location for pickup to ensure a smooth delivery.

These frogs are froglets, at the standard wholesale size (around 3/4").

If you are interested in a custom list of frogs or modifying the current list of frogs for this assortment pack, feel free to contact us for a custom quote: Contact Us

Additional single frogs may be ordered with the 24 pack for no extra shipping charge.  If you are interested in ordering multiple assortment packs, you can use the coupon code: packship to save $35 on the shipping for the second pack.