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Some of our Customer Reviews

All reviews are unsolicited and posted with the permission of the customer:

Thank you again for everything.....

I just bought the 30 pack of assorted species and just wow! The colors and health of the frogs are impeccable and hands down best packaging ever. USA Frog obviously takes great pride in their animals and they know how to ship so that the frogs arrive healthy and happy. The varieties offered and prices are something any collector should take advantage of. The communication between them and myself was speedy and they answered all my questions fully as well as gave me the option to customize my order. If your not ordering your frogs from these guys what are you really doing? Huge thank you to USA Frogs for everything and I look forward to future business.

Hi Dillon – just wanted to let you know the frogs arrived and are in great shape. Thanks much for the great service and critters!! 


Brevard Zoo

Good morning Dillon,
Wanted to let you know the frogs look fantastic, super healthy and eating dusted FF in their shipping container minutes after being unboxed. Packaging for colder weather was superb. And you yourself, went above and beyond communicating every step. Could not be happier with you or you livestock. Singing all the praises, definitely know where I will get frogs from again if I set up another viv.
Many thanks,



Thank you for being so understanding and helpful through this entire process. Mesa College is EXTREMELY grateful for your effort and amazing customer service!

We will definitely be recommending you to the other Biology sub-departments and ordering our frog/reptile needs from you in the future!

Too many exclamation marks because we are just so thrilled with our new friends.



I bought my first dart frogs from you and not only did they survive my learning curve, but they are now reproducing like crazy!  I am really enjoying my new tadpoles!


I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service! The frogs arrived in great shape and are already exploring their new home. Thank you again, and I look forward to doing more business with you!


Just wanted to thank you!! My tads arrived in what seems perfect health. Dealing with USAfrog has been a pleasure. You were quick to respond to my order and I received it in LESS than two days from time of order!!!  Again, Thank You so much!! You will be my "Go To" for frogs/tadpoles in the future!!

Thank you for the great service, packing and quality amphibians that i have ordered over the past several months.  Extremely satisfied and looking forward to future dealings. 
  Thanks again. 

Thank you so much, I just received my 3 Lunar Powder Blue and Powder Aqua and they are doing great! Outstanding service. I will surely be ordering from you again! G.J.
Hello, the frogs arrived today in great shape they are beautiful little critters. I know I will enjoy them. I sure will recommend US frogs to anybody that is interested in them. Your services cannot be outdone. And it was a pleasure talking to you the other day thank you very much. PS I will be back.

Thank you so much, I just received the frogs and they are beautiful!  Outstanding service I will surely be ordering from here again when I build my next virvarium.

I just want to say that this was a truly enjoyable experience.  The frogs got to my house and were healthy and bold.  They quickly adapted to their new environment.  USA FROGS did a tremendous job.  I will order from them again really soon.  Thank you

Just wow, the frogs are amazing, I got 3 oyapock and they are exceptionally bold. But even more impressive was the service, I ordered at 6:45pm, got an email saying I could get them the next morning, amazingly friendly personnel. When I do order again it will be from here. Thank you and keep up the good work

They are just amazing! So beautiful and full of life :D I know where I am filling the rest of my vivs from! thanks so much for these babies the family is going to love them!! I will be back once I regenerate my frog fund :D
thanks again for everything
Received all 35 Dart Frogs today and all appear to be in tip top shape and are extremely beautiful and colorful! As expected this whole transaction was perfect in every way possible and I can not wait until I can make more purchases in the future!
Thanks Guys


My frogs arrived today I was so thrilled with them my 2 yr old son was jumping up and down in a chair saying truck here, truck here, I signed for them and he helped open the box that was well packed and warm he and I carried them to the terrarium and put them in the tank they begin exploring their new home and eating they are really big a lot bigger than I thought again you have made a happy family
Thank You

Got the frogs, look great, bigger than I thought.  Jumped right into to their new tank and started eating!!
Thanks again,

Once again the frogs exceeded my expectations. They look even better than the photos! Thanks again.
* * *
Just received the frogs, they look great! Very pleased with their size and appearance. I will be doing business with you again and recommend you to friends. Thanks again!


FROGS arrived healthy and safe Thank you for the great service. YOU REALLY CARE ABOUT YOUR FROGS AND CUSTOMERS. [capitalization as in the original message]

Just got the package..everything arrived in great shape...I look forward to more business with you!
Thanks again!

I have received truly fantastic specimens and customer service from USA Frog. I ordered three of the Apollo (Oyapok) frogs. They arrived exactly when I expected, carefully packaged in individual containers with moist sphagnum and leaf litter. Their colors are AMAZING...[T]he frogs are very healthy and active. It has been only a month now, and my frogs have already produced a clutch. Thank you very much USA Frog! I would definitely order from you again!


Once again you guys have done it!! The frogs that I ordered late yesterday are already here and happily in there new vivs.. And like always simply put just amazing frogs.. big and already eating.. thank you guys for all your
knowledge and help getting my business up and running.. we are happily over 125 frogs and around 95 tadpoles right now and growing every day.
Thanks for all you do again...

Talk to ya soon

They look awesome didn't expect them to be so darn big at that age !!...I can't say enough about your customer service !! Its rare nowadays to find a business that cares that much.. Dillon personal call me to help with my purchase! !!! Definitely will be back !!! Thanks again U.S.A Frogs...happy froggin


Frogs got here great! I just want to say those are the best looking frogs I've ever ordered! The size is perfect and I'm extremely happy!


I just recieved the frogs. They are beautiful and in perfect shape. The packaging was perfect. Thank you again! If there is any place to leave feedback for you, I will. Thank you again.


Frogs got here as planned...they look awesome and are happily in there new vivs.. thank you for everything you guys are the best...let the frog dudes know that we appreciate all their hard work.


Yes please do post as a review....The least I can do for such awesome service and frogs
* * *
The Frogs are here and they are so gorgeous
Thanks so much for these bold little guys. They never even went into hiding and come to the glass when they see me
Thank you thank you thank you !!!


...frogs arrived and they are so cute!  I LOVE them!!  We put them in the tank and they busy exploring every inch!
And you were correct, they are way larger than I expected!!  We visited...Repticon and they only had one vendor with dart frogs and they were absolutely the tiniest things ever!... :)
Thanks again!!!  For everything!!!


The frogs look amazing! Thank you very much. I will definitely be buying though you again. Also the packaging couldn't have been more organized. Very satisfied with this buy. Thanks again.


Thanks for the beautiful frogs!  I appreciate the great service and super convenient shipping. I will definitely be back,...


I received the frogs and they're gorgeous! Thanks again!!


hi guys just want to let you know frogs arrived and look great. they're much bigger then expected which is awesome...thanks


...Received – I do not think I have ever received frogs this nice! I have been building my collection for four years.
Thanks again,

I just wanted to say thank you for the frogs.  They arrived yesterday…and all nine of them were in amazing shape…  We've ordered frogs from three other breeders in the last three years, and while those frogs were also in nice shape, the frogs from you arrived larger, brighter colored, and generally more robust than what we've previously ordered. 


I just received the frogs...They are beautiful!  The Sipaliwini are big for 3 or 4 months old.  I really appreciate everything.  Hope to buy more frogs from you guys soon. 


I wanted to let you know I received the frogs and they look great! They look so big and healthy. I'm really happy to do business with you guys and look forward on more purchases in the future.

Thanks again,

I just wanted to let you know that all the frogs arrived healthy, active, and in beautiful form.  You can use me as phone or email reference anytime you wish for a rave review.

Thanks Again,

My frogs were at the FedEx hub when they opened this morning. The 3 Cobalts are very beautiful. For 3-5 months old, they are already as large as the two 6 month olds I already have. The mated pair of Azureus was showing breeding behaviors two hours after putting them in their vivarium. She follows him everywhere. I am most happy with my order and look forward to doing business again in the near future.

C.M from LA

...Frogs are in their tank! They sure are Lively! Very Nice size, you raise them well!
Thank You!


...I go to a lot of reptile shows and the frogs available for purchase are never this large...These frogs or froglets as you call them, are huge!  Awsome, couldn't be happier.  Haven't got them all out of the containers yet but from what I can see they look fantastic.


Customer: Cool thanx for the tips....Don't get me wrong my frogs look good, but yours looks like their on steroids.
USA Frog:  We don't use anything special to dust other than our own ratio...Also, media is WAY more important than people think it is....
Customer:  Hey what are you dusting your flys with? I like the boldness of their colors.  Very, very happy, nice animals!! Hope to do more business with you again....


My frogs arrived safe, happy and healthy.  Thank you for the most amazing customer service experience I have ever had!  You are my go to dart frog supplier from now on!
Thank you,
From one very satisfied customer

One for the wholesale/dealer curious:
...just finished unpacking and setting up your frogs. I just want to compliment you in a big way on your sizing, the obvious health/quality of your frogs, and packaging. It was a very nice shipment and those are some very nice frogs. I don't think we'll have any trouble moving these in volume and I'll be doing what I can to promote them. Thanks again, and looking forward to doing more business with you soon,

[Name witheld by us.]

Good Afternoon Rick,
I wanted to update you on the two Orange Terribilis that I purchased from your company in December, 2013. They are both doing great. They are big, bold, and beautiful. I have gotten a great deal of pleasure just watching them. I am so happy I made the purchase.


Thank you so much for your excellent customer service throughout my recent frog purchase. Even though [the shipment] was delayed in delivering the frogs, they arrived warm and cozy thanks to your excellent packaging. Both frogs are doing great and their size and color were well above my expectations and wildest dreams. I was totally satisfied with my purchase and could not have asked for more. I would highly recommend your company to anyone wanting to purchase top quality dart frogs and receive excellent customer service. Please feel free to use any of my comments as you deem fit or me as a reference any time.
Thanks Again,


Just received another order from U.S. Dart Frog [now USA Frog],and I continue to be impressed. Both the quality of the frogs,and the customer service,are outstanding. If you like tinctorius,I suggest you grab some of their "giant orange tincs ... they're real beauties!

I just received my first order from US DART FROG [now USA Frog] ... and I could not be more pleased. The customer service, pricing, and quality of the frogs ... all A+++++++++. If you are a dart frog lover/collector, you need to contact Rick at US DART FROG [USA Frog]!

Ron in Ohio

...just got the frogs put away....they both look fabulous,...! They are both beefy and robust! Great frogs! Thanks a million,  [a short time later] They are both already chowing down on springtails in the leaf litter, so cool! [about 4 hours after receiving the frogs] The male is already calling!

Ben, TX

Purchased a large quantity of frogs...communication was always prompt and fast. The frogs came pack amazingly well they were all amazingly large and very healthy. Best bang for the buck I have ever gotten....media is a great buy too just had my first hatch and wow the amount of flies I got. 


The frogs are amazing! Very healthy and very colorful. they have covered every inch of their new home. thank yall once again let me know when yall ship the flies.


I purchase some frogs, I was very impressed how healthy, fat and colorful they are...I recommended to all.


I am very impressed by their size. I was expecting froglets but they are big. And for the price, they are worth way more than I paid.


I received the frogs yesterday and they look great!!! They are beautiful and active!
Thank you

Chris from Georgia

I picked up the frogs and they are settling into their new tanks. They look great, very healthy and well fed. The tinc has beautiful coloration!  Exactly what I was looking for. I would not hesitate to purchase frogs from you in the future or recommend your company to my friends. Thanks for all your help. It was a pleasure doing business with you!


Great customer service with exceptional quality frogs! All arrived fat and healthy and I couldn't be happier.


I bought 7 Super Blue Auratus Frogs, and asked for a variety of colors and patterns. I ended up getting Green, Aqua Blue, and a darker Blue, plus some of them are more reticulated, and others are more of the camo design. I was very amazed. These frogs are very beautiful. Thanks...!
Thanks a lot!

[Follow-up from K.N.]

...I can't take my eyes off these frogs.

Rick and Dillon,

I just wanted to send you a brief note and let you know how pleased I am not only with the quality of your frogs, but the service you provided as well.  The frogs were fantastic!  They were larger than I expected, very energetic, slightly plump - I suspect from having been very well fed prior to shipping.  They were so energetic that I had to make sure they went into the aquarium and did not hop away.  I could not be more pleased with both the Auratas and Cobalts I received.

You also really seemed to care as much about the safe shipping as I did.  We probably talked directly 5 or more times in the last 24 hours leading up to the shipment.  Your concern about making sure the frogs went to the right pickup point and had minimal time in transit was remarkable.  Finally your packaging was awesome.  The gel packs assured the frogs were a toasty 70 degrees even though the temperature in Portland when I picked them up as in the high 30”s.  It performed exactly as advertised.

Thanks again for everything.  You can be assured I will be a repeat customer and recommend USA Frog to every frogger friend I have.

Keep up the great work,


Dillon, I got the frog and she looks amazing! The packing was awesome so glad I reached out to you. Thanks again!