The USA Frog team is very excited to have established our company, and ourselves, in our new location- Eugene, OR. As always, our company mission continues to be producing the best pet dart frogs on the market, and ensuring the customer service experience for our customers is as smooth as possible.

As part of the next generation of USA Frog, we have upgraded our official company name to USA Frog, Inc., and established the following leadership structure in regards to the officers/management of our company:

Dillon Wascher, President
Devin Wascher, Sr. Vice President
Daly Wascher, Vice President

Operationally, our breeder frogs have fully acclimated from their 4 day, 3,000-mile highway trip that took us from Memphis, TN through El Paso, TX through SoCal and up to the beautiful state of Oregon. In fact, our breeding has been so good in this temperate, wet climate that our frog availability is expected to reach an all-time high in the coming months.

Those positive trends combined with the expansion of our WYSIWYG (Actual Photos) frog inventory and our continued commitment to producing the highest quality, non-hybrid frogs here in the USA makes us very excited about the next chapter of our business & life here in the Emerald City of Eugene, OR.

Team USA Frog