Welcome to USAFrog.com, the online storefront for our company, USA Frog, LLC.  The USA Frog team consists of three brothers, Dillon, Devin, & Dale Wascher.  Our facility is located in in Albany, OR. 

We specialize in breeding frogs of the genus Dendrobates, and we are the largest producer of these frogs that we know of.  We currently sell about 13,000 frogs a year.  Our company mission has always been to produce the best pet dart frogs on the market, and provide the smoothest possible customer service experience for our customers.

We began in 2012 as a small, home based enterprise in Waukesha, WI.  Our operation quickly grew, and in 2013 we moved our company to Memphis, TN, where we leased our first commercial facility.  In 2016 we moved again, this time to the beautiful state of Oregon.

Thanks for visiting our site, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Team USA Frog
Dillon Wascher, President
Devin Wascher, Sr. Vice President
Dale Wascher, Vice President