CA, OR, and WA only: FedEx $39 with minimum $50 purchase.
ALL States (except CA, OR, and WA): FedEx $49 with minimum $50 purchase.
ALL orders under $50: FedEx $59
ALL orders over $400 Ship FedEx FREE!


After the order is placed, we will contact the customer by e-mail before the start of the next business day, with a proposed ship day and all the details pertaining to the shipment.  Orders containing frogs ship FedEx overnight, orders containing only tadpoles ship FedEx 2-day AM.  If you would like to request shipping on a different day, or if you have a preferred day to receive the package, feel free to let us know.  Before we ship, we must get confirmation from the customer that they will be able to receive or pick up the package on the agreed upon arrival date, or we will not ship.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to protect the frogs during winter and severe weather for Priority Shipments, we may require pickup at your nearby FedEx [or other courier location] to be safe.
  • We may require pickup at FedEx when temps are projected below 48 degrees at your location at 7 AM the day of delivery, or above 80 degrees and sunny at your location at 10:30 AM the day of delivery.  Otherwise, we ship for delivery directly to the shipping address you provided.
(Temperatures below 32 degrees or above 90 degrees do not present a safe enough window for shipping frogs. We do not ship frogs outside of those temperatures.)     

We guarantee healthy arrival and customer satisfaction on all of our shipments, with the following terms:

If delivered to the customer's address, the package must be opened upon delivery.  If held at a FedEx location, the package must be picked up within 3 hours of being available for pickup.  We cannot provide a warranty unless the package is opened and inspected upon arrival. 

The Legality:

We are a FedEx Approved Shipper of Live Animals.

We are FEDEX APPROVED and our packaging was given certified by them as well.