Eugene, OR

We breed and sell SAFE® captive bred, never wild caught, pet dart frogs. ALL of the frogs and tadpoles we offer are hatched from the egg and raised by us in our frog facility situated in Eugene, Oregon.
We have more frogs and a better variety of the most popular frogs available, and the best prices, anywhere!

  • Each and every juvenile frog we offer is at least 3 months old, and ready for any size enclosure or immediate sale to your customers.

8,000 Frogs Sold in the USA in 2017!

Commitment to Quality!

USA Frog Facts:
  • We have never handled or brought into our facility any wild caught dart frog or pet frog of any kind.

  • We supply pet stores, show exhibitors, exporters, schools, and hobbyists all across the country.
We breed many hundreds of dart frog pairs in house, and we are generations ahead in selective breeding for top quality, health, color, and and pattern. We also actively promote the preservation and conservation of colorful wild frogs and their natural rain forest habitats by exposing the frauds of the illegal pet trade.

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Team USA Frog

PLEASE NOTE: In order to protect the frogs during winter and severe weather for Priority Shipments, we may require pickup at your nearby courier location (FedEx, UPS, etc.) to be SAFE.
  • We require pickup at the courier when temps are projected below 45 degrees at your location at 7 AM the day of delivery.
  • We ship to your door when temps are projected above 45 degrees at your location at 7 AM the day of delivery.
(Temperatures below 25 degrees do not present a safe enough window for shipping frogs. We do not ship frogs in temperatures below 25 degrees.)


Truth About Pet Dart Frogs   
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