For our wholesale and pet store customers, if you purchase any of our regularly priced WYSIWYG AMERICAN Pet Dart Frogs, you save 50%! 

You may also use our on-line catalog as your own. Think about letting your customers see their options on one-of-a-kind frogs on our site. Have them come in to your shop and buy them, or view on your ipad and purchase right there. Of course, you can share the saving with your customer if you wish.

Just check out with the frogs you desire using the invoiced wholesale customer choices for shipping, etc., and no payment will be required to complete your order. After we will locate each frog and reserve them for you, we will prepare an invoice showing the purchase price and discount(s). Shipment is only after you approve the invoice-very efficient and your customer gets what they truly want.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and have a blessed day!

Team USA Frog