Ask Dillon: What do you mean when you say USA Frog has the "best" lines?
First of all, I think a lot of the difference between us (USA Frog) and the hobby can be summed up by how the respective parties define frogs.  While we define frogs simply by the quality and appearance (beauty & conformation included) of the actual frog, the hobby typically defines frogs by their line which is something often disassociated with a frog quality standard, even though they may be of "this or that" line according to the seller.

This current state of the market is partially understandable due to the fact that the early years of the hobby, now past, most of the quality frogs came from hobbyists. The hobbyists were somewhat responsible for carrying the torch as far as frog quality.  Keeping track of the lines was simply a way to help identify frogs of a certain lineage and help keep the quality up in the very small numbers in the trade, but never enough to support a pet frog market as robust and growing as this one is today. 

When we acquired our frogs, we bought a very broad sampling from many, many different types of sellers.  We bought from some of the most well known frog companies in the industry and some of the most respected hobbyists, and from some hobbyists who were not well known at all and had absolutely no reputation whatsoever.  We found that while there was a wide range of quality in the frogs we bought, there was really no association between quality and reputation of the individual.  Some of the best frogs we got were from people who were considered a nobody, and some of the worst were from supposedly revered sources. 

All along, our approach to breeding has been to simply produce the best frogs we can produce, whether that be a single line or a mixture of "same-same" (same species/same variety) lines.  When we compare the frogs we produce and sell, to the frogs we acquired from other people in the beginning, ours are better, or always just as good. We have worked VERY hard to noticeably raise the bar of quality overall in the pet frog trade. The market is now aware of this fact, but it did not come easy amidst all of the misunderstanding about lines.

Thus, when we say we have the "best", or "best-of-the-best:" lines, we are referring to our lines because of the effort put in to know what truly is the best from a breeder perspective.

We get requests for our bloodlines, and I believe it is simply evidence of people who care about the quality of the animals they buy, and believe me we love those people and do not want to alienate them. But playing into a hobby line only system that very often fails as a quality standard is a flawed and misleading system, and not a trend we want to continue, or participate in. Thus, while it may be challenging at times, and I'm sure this approach costs us a customer or two, we have always tried to educate the customer, not just reassure them. 

We believe that if we continue to simply tell people the truth, the people who really care about quality will continue to find us.  Given that nearly all of the people who buy our frogs come back to buy them again, I would say we are on the right track!

Dillon Wascher, President
USA Frog, Inc.

(Additional information may be found in our Locale and Ethics pages.)