What is a SAFE® NON Poison Dart Frog?

CLASSIC Pet Dart Frogs (NON Poison Dart Frogs)

JUVENILE 34 (3-4 mo. old) Pet Frogs

Dendrobates Tinctorius

Dendrobates Auratus and Leucomelas

JUVENILE 56 (5-6 mos. old) Pet Frogs

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Media & Culturing


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A few of our Reviews

Frogs got here great! I just want to say those are the best looking frogs I've ever ordered! The size is perfect and I'm extremely happy!  -NS

...Received all 35 Dart Frogs today and all appear to be in tip top shape and are extremely beautiful and colorful! As expected this whole transaction was perfect in every way possible and I can not wait until I can make more purchases in the future!  Thanks Guys -TB

...frogs look amazing! Thank you very much. I will definitely be buying though you again. Also the packaging couldn't have been more organized. Very satisfied with this buy. Thanks again. -GG

...just finished unpacking and setting up your frogs. I just want to compliment you in a big way on your sizing, the obvious health/quality of your frogs, and packaging. It was a very nice shipment and those are some very nice frogs. I don't think we'll have any trouble moving these in volume and I'll be doing what I can to promote them. Thanks again, and looking forward to doing more business with you soon, [Name witheld]

Dart Frog Tadpoles

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