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Tinctorius QUASAR™
Tinctorius NEUTRINO™
USA Frog TOP GUN™ Tinctorius NEUTRINO™
Different colors and patterns are simply variations of the same frog!

SAFE Dart Frog Tadpoles $9.95

We ship 52 weeks a year!
SAFELY in any temps!

We are located within minutes of the FedEx Global hub in Memphis.
TOP GUN™ - ONE HOP Shipping
ONE WAY FedEx flights!
Low cost from us to you within 12 hours, safely in any temperature!
52 weeks a year!

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Order frogs by 6 PM Central Monday-Thursday and get them the next morning as desired!
Frogs got here great! I just want to say those are the best looking frogs I've ever ordered! The size is perfect and I'm extremely happy!  -NS

The frogs look amazing! Thank you very much. I will definitely be buying though you again. Also the packaging couldn't have been more organized. Very satisfied with this buy. Thanks again. -GG

...Received – I do not think I have ever received frogs this nice! I have been building my collection for four years. Thanks again, -SC

...just got the frogs put away....they both look fabulous,...! They are both beefy and robust! Great frogs! Thanks a million,  [a short time later] They are both already chowing down on springtails in the leaf litter, so cool! [about 4 hours after receiving the frogs] The male is already calling! -Ben

[One for the wholesale/dealer curious] ...just finished unpacking and setting up your frogs. I just want to compliment you in a big way on your sizing, the obvious health/quality of your frogs, and packaging. It was a very nice shipment and those are some very nice frogs. I don't think we'll have any trouble moving these in volume and I'll be doing what I can to promote them. Thanks again, and looking forward to doing more business with you soon, [Name witheld by us.]