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Satisfaction Guaranteed! USA™ Frogs are: AMERICAN™ Dart Frogs, US™ Dart Frogs, BLOSSOM™ Tadpoles

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SAFE Captive Bred NON-Poison Dart Frogs

USA™ frogs and AMERICAN™ dart frogs are all captive bred from superior breeding stock proven to be the best by generations of offspring comparisons.
  • USA Frog is the one and only seller of SAFE brand pet frogs and guarantees group compatibility!  Nobody else in the United States can lawfully say that.
Our Federally Registered SAFE brand is your assurance the pet frogs we offer are all captive bred, completely harmless, and socially raised for group compatibility. We breed for quality, health, beauty, and strength–always!  Moreover, each and every colorful pet frog we offer was raised from the egg by us in our facility. All of our frogs are: 
  • SAFE® captive bred, completely harmless, TOP quality, 100% healthy, beautiful, strong, and VIVARIUM READY for any size enclosure.
  • Money-Back, Satisfaction Guarantee on every frog and item we sell.
All of the frogs we offer are COMPANION™ frogs too. That means USA™ and AMERICAN™ dart frogs of the same approximate age get along great in groups regardless of their species.

PLEASE USE LEAVES with all your frogs. 

COMPANION™ Pet Dart Frog Juveniles On Sale!
3.5-4.5 month old COMPANION juvenile frogs perfectly raised in small groups for perfect socialization. Past the first growth hurdle stage and easily the size of a quarter. EACH ONE is VIVARIUM READY when you get them.
SUB-ADULT Dart Frogs (7-9 mos. old)
SUB-ADULT Dart Frogs (7-9 mos. old) these are big frogs, but not yet fully mature. Sold unsexed, but if you buy 5 or more we guarantee at least one M/F pairing.
ADULT Pet Dart Frogs
ALL top quality ADULT 12-14 months old. Sexed frogs available. Gorgeous and VIVARIUM READY™ for any size enclosure. Perfect health and live arrival of course, and as always SATISFACTION guaranteed.
WYSIWYG Actual Photos
"What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) Frogs sold with Actual Photos. Our representative frog photos are EXCELLENT, no doubt, yet these frogs are sold using actual photos to highlight their specific splendor. For SOLD WYSIWYG frogs, see VIEWING GALLERY.
Dart Frog Wholesale
ALL top quality and ALL are between 3 and 4 full months old. Gorgeous and VIVARIUM READY™ for your any size enclosure. Perfect health and live arrival of course, and always SATISFACTION guaranteed. These frogs are not sexed.
These are the same exact supplies we use! They are intended for sale with frog purchases.
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